Esaias & Liisa Johnson aka. Hyyppa

From: “NEW YORK MILLS -75 Years of Progress 1884-1959

Esaias (Esa) Johnson (Hyyppa) was born n Isokyro, Finland in 1867. His wife, Liisa
(Nikula) was born in 1866 also in Isokyro Finland. They came to America in 1886
and first went to live in Ashtabula, Ohio. From there they traveled to Duluth
Minnesota where they were married 30 May 1887. Esa changed his name in Duluth
because very few people could pronounce “Esaias Hyyppa”.

Esa was hurt in Duluth while working on the docks. A rock fell on his left shoulder
and injured him for life. He didn’t receive any compensation as an injured employee
would receive today. Instead, he was forced to change occupations.

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