New Chief’s Wife

So, your a new Chief’s wife!  Congratulations!!!!

Mission Statement: The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and Equip Combat-ready

NAVAL forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the SEAS!


Origin of the Chief Petty Officer:

The 1st use of the term “Chief” was on 1 June 1776, but it wasn’t until 1893 that the Navy established the pay grade of Chief Petty Officer.  The original rating badge had 3 chevrons and eagle and three arcs (rockers).  It was the basis for today’s CPO chevron, which has a single rocker and became official in 1884. The Foul anchor was first used as a cap device with the Chief Petty Officer uniform in 1905 and became an official part of the CPO uniform as a collar device in 1959.

In 1917, the first female Chief was sworn into the USNAVY as a Yeoman!  Formal structuring of the pay grades occurred in 1920.  Instead of being paid by job description, the grades were established by rank from seaman apprentice to Chief Petty Officer. In 1958 pay grades were established for Senior and Master Chiefs.

MCPON was created in 1967, and MC Gunners mate Delbert D Black was selected the 1st MCPON.


(Note the MCPON has 3 stars on his Anchor)

GMCM Delbert Black 1967-71
AFCM John “Jack” Whittet 1971-75
OSCM Robert Walker 1975-79
AFCM Thomas S. Crow 1979-82
AVCM(NAC) Billy C. Sanders 1982-85
RMCM(SW) William H. Plackett 1985-88
AVCM(AW) Duane R. Bushey 1988-92
ETCM(SW) John Hagan 1992-98
MMCM(SS/SW) James L. Herdt 1998-2002
MCPON(SS/AW) Terry D. Scott 2002-06
MCPON(SW/FMF) Joe R  Campa 2006-08
MCPON(SS/SW) Rick West 2008-2012
MCPON(AW/NAC) Michael D. Stevens 2012-


The FOUL Anchor:


This anchor is the emblem of the rate of a Chief Petty Officer or the United States Navy.

Attached to the anchor is a length of chain and the letters “USN” these identify a Chief Petty Officer.

To a chief, the letters and anchors have a noble and glorious meaning:

~the “U” stands for Unity which reminds us of cooperation, maintaining harmony and continuity of purpose and action.

~the “S” stands for service which reminds us of service to our God, our fellow man and the Navy

~The “N” stands for Navigation which reminds us to keep ourselves on a true course so that we may walk upright before God and man,

and in transactions with all mankind, but more importantly, with our fellow chiefs.

~the “chain” is symbolic of flexibility, and it reminds us of the chain of life that we forge day by day, link by link.

May it continually be forged with honor, courage morality and virtue.

~the “Anchor” is emblematic of the hope and glory, or of the fulfillment of God’s promises to our souls.

It is the golden and precious anchor, by which must keep steadfast in the faith and encouraged to abide in our proper station amidst the storm

of temptation, affliction and persecution.

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